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Dear SAC User,

You need to just untar the sac tar file to your home directory and set the
appropriate path for it to able to run. And that your are done, it should
be ableto run.



On Nov 20, 2017 20:01, <&quot;조인혜 &lt;zxzxdlsgp<at>
gt;&quot;> wrote:

Hello, I'm Inhye JO.

I got the source code of the SAC to make 32 bit base. Because my notebook
has 32 bit environment in centOS 6.9.

I read the 'README' but I cannot find the manual about compiling SAC.

So how can I know about compiling SAC to 32 bit version in CentOS 6.9.

Tell me where the file that describe compiling in source code zip file or
how can I search the manual about that.

Please write back the answer mail soon.

Thank you.

SAC Help
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