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Stanton, Megan
2009-02-09 22:41:32
If you are looking for the actual commands to make picks look in the
command listing for plotpk for all the options. Just place your cursor
on where you want to make the pick and then type in the desired
attributes. Usually you have (e)mergent or (i)mpulsive, (u)p or (d)own,
quality (0,1,2,3,4), (p)wave or (s)wave. The letters or numbers in
parenthesis are what you would type. Once you are done it will show you
your pick and label it. Re-pick by moving the cursor and typing it in

There are 2 ways to store your picks.
1) you can use another program to create a pick file from your picks or
2) you can create a pick file with sac using ohpf.

I use option 1 combined with sac2arc to make my pick file.

Here is the macro for option 1 with comment lines preceded by #.
#header info.
fileid type list kevnm kstcmp
#read all files found.
r *.[E,H]*[E,N,Z].PG.--
#plot pick 3 files at a time, bell off.
ppk p 3 bell off
#write over existing wave file.
writehdr over
#end macro.


Here is the macro for option 2 with comment lines.
#begin macro.
#open hypo pick file 'picks'.
ohpf picks
#header info.
fileid type list kevnm kstnm
#do loop, find all files ending w E,N or Z.
do ENZ wild c E,N,Z
#read all files found.
r *[E,N,Z]*
#plot pick 3 files at a time, bell off.
ppk p 3 bell off
#write over existing wave file.w over
#end do loop.
#end macro.

Megan Stanton
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Geosciences Dept.


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hi all,
I am just starting to learn sac ,and have some difficulties using the
PLOTPK command, I know it produces a plot for picking of arrival time,
by problem is how i pick those arrival times after i got the plot with a
x-y cursor. Do i need to creat hypo file to store the picks, please be
more explicit.

thank you
melaku Bogale
New Mexico State University

  • Arthur Snoke
    2009-02-10 03:01:56
    Also of potential use is the online plotpk table:

    SAC> help plotpktable

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