Thread: Help on reading/writing spectral file

Started: 2009-02-10 10:25:12
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2009-02-10 10:25:12
Dear Sac user's,
My problem is I can't read my file after saving it to the disk.
For example, the original file is the amplitude file in x,y file type. Then, performing the division operation by other file, and then FFT, will produce the spectral data file type. Which I have to save it on my disk as a file(in binary or ASCII).
The problem is, when, I save it using the command "WRITE SAC" it successfully saves my file, as binary, spectral file.
But, when, I use the command "WRITE SP", with no error. But, when I try to read this file it says "ERROR 1301: No data files read in.".???. Even, when I use the command "READSP" it gave me this message "ERROR  108: File does not exist:".
I don't know what is going wrong with me..???
Any Idea on what going on with my files, highly appreciated.
My regards,
=======================My terminal================================
SAC>  r
SAC>  p
SAC> divf
 WARNING: Time overlap:
   BEG1: OCT 14 (287), 2006  06:38:01.000
   BEG2: OCT 14 (287), 2006  06:38:15.000
SAC> fft am
 (10.6e)FFT default change: not removing the mean
 DC level after DFT is 125.91
SAC> w sac spectralfile.sac
SAC> r spectralfile.sac
SAC> psp
SAC> wsp spectralfile.sac
SAC> w alpha spectralfile.sac.txt
SAC> sc ls   spectralfile.sac  
spectralfile.sac.txt  fort.19
SAC> r
 ERROR 1301: No data files read in.
SAC> rsp
 ERROR  108: File does not exist:
SAC> rsp amph
 ERROR  108: File does not exist:
SAC> r alpha spectralfile.sac.txt
 ERROR 1301: No data files read in.

18:27:33 v.22510d55