Thread: AGU session NH022 Ionospheric and Atmospheric Responses to Multiple Natural Hazards

Started: 2018-07-02 16:48:41
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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the following 2018 Fall AGU session:

NH022 Ionospheric and Atmospheric Responses to Multiple Natural Hazards

This session will focus on interactions between the Earth’s atmosphere (troposphere and ionosphere), and various forcing mechanisms from the Earth’s surface and hydrosphere. In particular, earthquake generated tsunamis, meteorological tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, thunderstorms, meteor impacts, explosions, and earthquakes can produce atmospheric acoustic-gravity waves that propagate up to the ionosphere, generating electron density perturbations in the D, E and F regions. A large variety of ground-based and space-based observations can be used to capture perturbations in neutral atmospheric pressure and density, airglow emission, and total electron content, induced by these events. In particular, we solicit investigations addressing the detection and early warning of natural hazard events using innovative real-time techniques, data fusion, and ingestion of real-time data into assimilative physics-based models. We welcome theoretical, observational and modeling contributions on atmospheric responses to these events. In addition, we encourage submissions discussing planetary applications as well.

This is a interdisciplinary session co-organized with SPA-Aeronomy and Geodesy. We look forward to your contributions to our session. The abstract submission deadline is August 1st, 2018.

Best wishes from session conveners,

Giorgio Savastano
Xing Meng
Elvira Astafyeva
Kosuke Heki

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