Thread: 2018 SeisComP3 Course in Kingston, NY, September 24 – 28

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Dear IRIS Community,

If you haven't signed up for ISTI's 2018 SeisComP3 Course, don't miss your

This September 24 – 28, ISTI will host one of our popular training courses,
this time on SeisComp3 in Kingston, New York. To RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW
complete our short contact form:

This course will be useful to anyone setting up, managing, tuning, or doing
post-processing work on a SeisComP3 system.

In the course, we will focus on the open source version of SeisComP3; free
for non-commercial uses. We will be providing an expert’s insight into the
system. You’ll be taught data acquisition and archiving. You’ll learn how
to configure and tune global, regional or local automatic seismic event
detection. By the time the course is over, you’ll be able to improve
automatic solutions by re-picking with the graphical user interface.

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+ Course description:
+ Reservations: Want to secure a seat? Let us know. Complete our short
contact form:

Kind Regards,

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