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Started: 2018-08-09 23:40:07
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Jacob Crummey
2018-08-09 23:40:07
Institution: USGS
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As an Electronics Technician within the Earthquake Science Center, some of your specific duties will include:

-Implement, manage, and maintain the Earthquake Monitoring Project’s (EMP) system of radio relay stations for telemetry of real-time seismic data.

-Maintain EMP seismic stations and associated analog and digital telemetry links to trunking telemetry access points as well as digital data loggers and scientific sensing equipment.

-Manage and Maintain power systems and environmental infrastructure for telemetry and seismological equipment.

-Manage and maintain EMP microwave telemetry systems at a very high level of reliability. This includes monitoring system operations, preventive maintenance, and repair of all components of the microwave system.

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