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Started: 2018-10-19 00:39:22
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The Earth and Environmental Sciences Division (EES) at Los Alamos National Laboratory is seeking up to five mid-career scientists and engineers to join us in our efforts to meet the nation’s earth science, environmental science, energy development, and national security challenges. We are looking for talented, enthusiastic, mid-career individuals who can contribute to existing projects and help develop innovative solutions for challenges requiring expertise in the following science areas:

Geophysics: Scientists/engineers with expertise in seismology, induced seismicity, microseismic event analysis, material characterization using acoustic methods, or event and process identification with non-seismic methods such as potential fields, infrasound, and other techniques. Experience is sought in theoretical development, modeling, laboratory experiments, and data analysis, to be applied to a variety of energy and national security problems and to develop new methods of nondestructive evaluation.

Atmospheric Science: Scientists/engineers with expertise in atmospheric chemistry, aerosol and trace gas measurement, or boundary layer and surface exchange processes under the influences of complex terrain. Experience in the development and implementation of atmospheric models on high-performance-computing platforms is a plus.

Geochemistry: Scientists/engineers with expertise in aqueous, isotope, and radionuclide geochemistry. We are particularly interested in candidates who utilize multidisciplinary techniques to solve complex problems and who combine field and/or laboratory-scale experiments with geochemical modeling.

Geomechanics: Scientists/engineers with expertise in experimental and/or theoretical development and implementation of constitutive material relationships with an emphasis on geomechanical and geodynamic applications. We are seeking applicants with a background in fossil energy, earthquake, and/or explosives source applications and are interested in experience with up-scaling of material properties into numerical modeling codes and reduced-order representation of surface geology.

Subsurface Flow and Transport Modeling: Scientists/engineers with expertise in the development and application of numerical models and methods relating to subsurface flow and transport processes in porous and fractured media. In addition to modeling physics and chemistry, we are interested in candidates with expertise is data integration, parameter estimation, uncertainty quantification, machine learning, and decision analysis applied to flow and transport modeling.

Please visit or for additional information on the positions. Learn more about the Earth & Environmental Sciences team and the work we do:

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