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Postdoc position available in marine seismic analysis and interpretation
Department of Geology and Geophysics, Louisiana State University
Contact Peter Clift ( pclift<at><pclift<at>> ) for more details
Applications appreciated by 7 November 2018

Postdoc project responsibilities:
Processing interpreting and analyzing marine geophysical data from the South China Sea in order to generate an acoustic and sediment map of the entire basin. Candidate has to be familiar with operation of seismic workstations, preferably Kingdom Suite, be able to process seismic data and load this on to the workstation, interpret reflections to define the depositional packages which then need to be mapped across the entire basin. thicknesses on velocity data need to be gridded. Calculates Geo-acoustic properties including density attenuation and interval velocity.
Work with the principal investigator to acquire new seismic reflection data and load existing data onto a single workstation for integration. When the data is low-quality some processing may be required to improve clarity. Paper-based seismic data will need to be scanned and converted to SEG-Y.
Interpretation of seismic reflection data using standard sequence stratigraphic methods. Integration of individual survey areas across the South China Sea basin is critical so that areas can be compared. Interpreted data needs to be converted into regional gridded isopach maps, in order to make regional sediment budget calculations.
Provide estimated geoacoustic parameters, velocity, density and attenuation at the top and bottom of each layer for the geologic layers mapped.
Generate a first order acoustic province map for the South China Sea.
Preparation of manuscripts for submission to the external literature and reports.

Minimum qualifications: PhD in geophysics especially in seismic reflection methods and interpretation. Equivalent experience in the hydrocarbon industry would be acceptable. At least three years of doctoral level research. Must be experienced in handling seismic data and operating seismic interpretation software.


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