Started: 2009-08-24 20:02:26
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Dylan Mikesell
2009-08-24 20:02:26
Hi Everyone,
I am having troubles synchronizing some SAC files in version 101.3. Is
anyone else having troubles?
Here are my steps:

#1) read three sac files
SAC> r *222*sac
BG1.YE..EHE.2007.222.sac BG1.YE..EHN.2007.222.sac BG1.YE..EHZ.2007.222.sac

#2) check header times

FILE: BG1.YE..EHE.2007.222.sac - 1

B = 1.600000e-02
KZTIME = 00:00:00.000
KZDATE = AUG 10 (222), 2007

FILE: BG1.YE..EHN.2007.222.sac - 2

B = -4.560000e-01
KZTIME = 00:00:04.000
KZDATE = AUG 10 (222), 2007

FILE: BG1.YE..EHZ.2007.222.sac - 3

B = 3.280000e-01
KZTIME = 00:00:03.000
KZDATE = AUG 10 (222), 2007

#3) sync data to earliest GMT time
SAC> synchronize
Segmentation fault

And then SAC kills itself. I don't remember having this problem with the
previous version of SAC, using the same data. I am looking for my old
version now so I can reinstall and check if this is true. But I would
like to know if any one else is having similar issues or if there is a
known fix. The SAC data come from mseed data converted to SAC using
The outputs from the ms2sac conversion are
$ ms2sac BG1.YE..EHZ.2007.222 BG1.YE..EHZ.2007.222.sac
Warning: unable to open leap second file: /usr/local/lib/leapseconds
Warning - unable to open coord file: /usr/contrib/data/bdsn/stat.db.coord

BUT these errors shouldn't be causing SAC to crash when I try to
synchronize two files. I know they didn't have an effect in functions in
the previous version of SAC.
Thanks for any thoughts!


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