Thread: Postdoctoral Scholar in Seismology

Started: 2019-03-11 16:24:48
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Martin Schoenball
2019-03-11 16:24:48
Institution: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Open Until: 2019-04-14

Seismology Postdoctoral Scholar (post 86401, 24 months plus possibility for extension)

The Energy Geosciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has an opportunity for a Postdoctoral Scholar with expertise in numerical or observational seismology to join our multidisciplinary team. You will contribute to projects involving subsurface energy applications with emphasis on induced seismicity related to geothermal energy and geological CO2 storage developments. The purpose of the position is to contribute to our group’s efforts in developing technologies to safely extract energy from the subsurface. You should have a solid knowledge of fracture processes and fluid-mechanical couplings relevant for induced seismicity and large-scale deployment of geologic carbon storage. With the candidate vision for tackling a broad range of challenging subsurface problems, such as induced seismicity, multiphase flow and seismic hazard assessment and mitigation, you are expected to lead this minimum two-years long postdoctoral scholarship to success. To achieve this work, you will have access to the High Performance Computing infrastructure at LBNL and the broad expertise of its researchers.

For more details and to apply please see:

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