Thread: Mars InSight mission data from SEIS - Now OPEN to the public

Started: 2019-05-24 22:09:14
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First data release from InSight’s SEIS available from the IRIS DMC

In a key milestone for the InSight mission to Mars (, the first data from the SEIS (Seismic Experiment for Internal Structure) instrument is now available from the IRIS DMC, in parallel with the NASA’s PDS (Planetary Data System) and the IPGP’s MSDS (Mars SEIS Data Service).

What you need to know
• These uncalibrated data are from late November 2018 through February 2019.
• No naturally occurring seismic events have yet been detected during the time period covered by this first release. The first reported Marsquakes are included in data releases that will occur later in 2019.
• These data were collected prior to the final configuration and installation, and include times while the instrument was still on the lander deck, before the outer wind/thermal shielding was in place while the HP3 heat probe was hammering into the ground (starting Feb. 28th), etc. Thus, caution is suggested when interpreting these data. Please also note that the data flow on many of the channels is not continuous.
• The seismometer is equipped with both a long-period three-axis Very Broad Band (VBB) instrument and a three-axis short-period (SP) instrument.

For information on how to access these data at the IRIS DMC, see the most recent Data Services Newsletter (, and for more detailed mission information see:
• Lognonné, P., Banerdt, W.B., Giardini, D. et al. , SEIS: InSight’s Seismic Experiment for Internal Structure of Mars, Space Sci Rev (2019) 215: 12.
• NASA’s InSight mission PDS page (
• IPGP’s SEIS page (

For Education and public outreach tools to view the data, see the IRIS EPO InSight project page (

IRIS congratulates NASA, JPL, IPGP and their partners in this exciting accomplishment and public release of data.

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