Thread: binary distribution linux-64 bit, examples compile issue

Started: 2010-02-17 18:51:00
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Hi all,

I've recently downloaded sac101.3b. I want to use the libraries (libsac.a)
and so proceeded through the examples in the documentation, but the makefile
returned errors. I was able to make it by adding -I../../include,
-L../../lib, and -lm to the FFLAGS and CFLAGS:
FFLAGS=-Wall `sac-config --cflags` -I../../include -L../../lib -lm
CFLAGS=-Wall `sac-config --cflags` -I../../include -L../../lib -lm

I also had to add a standard header to wsac5c.c to define INT32_MAX
#include <stdint.h>

Hope this is helpful if anyone else has these problems.


Rob Porritt, GG
UC Berkeley Earth and Planetary Sciences PhD Candidate
Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

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