Thread: AGU Session S001: Ambient-noise seismology

Started: 2019-06-26 10:16:21
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Ƶack Spica
2019-06-26 10:16:21
Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting your work to the session* Ambient-noise
seismology (S001)**, *in the Seismology Section of the 2019 AGU Fall
meeting to be held in December 9-13 in San Francisco, CA. The full session
description is below. Note that the deadline for abstract submission is *July

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Zack Spica, Nori Nakata, Lise Retailleau and Lucia Gualtieri

*Session ID: *S001

Session Title: Ambient-noise Seismology

Session Description:
It has been proven that seismic ambient noise is a rich source of
information for studying the Earth's structure at various depths,
understanding its dynamics, and the interaction between the solid Earth,
the atmosphere, and the ocean. Studying the dynamics of glaciers,
volcanoes, atmospheric phenomena, and other environmental processes can
also be considered as the subject of ambient-noise seismology.
We invite presentations from a wide range of topics in ambient-noise
seismology with focus on monitoring and modeling noise sources, theoretical
updates for seismic interferometry, its applications for imaging and
monitoring, and various processing techniques and modern computational
methods related to this field. Novel ideas for harnessing big data, using
full wavefield, and estimating ground motion are all welcome in this
session. We will also accept abstracts related to the interpretation of
ambient-noise imaging and monitoring results to get new insights of the
dynamics of faults, glaciers, groundwater and other processes.

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