Thread: Session of interest at AGU: Plate Motion, Continental Deformation, and Interseismic Strain Accumulation

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Dear all,

Please find below a session of interest in geodesy:

Plate Motion, Continental Deformation, and Interseismic Strain Accumulation

We seek studies examining the take up of plate motion in deforming zones and the buildup and release of elastic strain along major faults and in subduction zones using space geodetic measurements, geologic observations, and geophysical data such as seismicity, marine magnetic anomalies, and transform fault azimuths. How can GPS and InSAR be integrated to determine deformation in plate boundary zones? To what extent can observed elastic strain buildup and past earthquakes be used to infer the likelihood of future earthquakes? Are fault slip rates from paleoseismology identical to those from geodetic data? What fraction of plate motion is taken up by fault slip during earthquakes, and what fraction becomes part of distributed deformation off the major faults? How fast are mountains currently rising? To what degree do postseismic transients alter the nearly constant velocity of the plates, and how can postseismic transients influence the definition of Earth's reference frame?

Session conveners:

Donald Argus, Jeffrey Freymueller, Rui Fernandes, D. Sarah Stamps


D. Sarah Stamps, PhD
Assistant Professor
Geodesy and Tectonophysics Laboratory

Virginia Tech
Department of Geosciences
926 West Campus Drive (MC0420)
4044 Derring Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061 USA
(540) 231-3651

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