Thread: Problem Regarding Some Mathematical Operation

Started: 2010-05-14 04:06:02
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Nitin Sharma
2010-05-14 04:06:02

Hello Sir/Mam,

 I am Learning SAC as a beginner. I am
facing Some problem regarding Convolution operation. If I use the command Convolve provided in SAC Then I get Satisfactory results. But If Perform the similar operation in frequency Domain my results do not match with the results obtained using convolve command. What I have done is I took 2 functions (step and Boxcar), compute fft and obtained their .am and .ph files separately.
Then I multiply the both .am files and add up the both .ph files and assigned common names to both .am and .ph files. Then I read this new file as spectral file with command rsp.Then compute ifft to transfer it in time Domain. But this result did not match with what I convolved with convolve command (i.e. in time domain). Tell me what can be the reason? Waiting for your reply.


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