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Started: 2019-09-24 15:27:13
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John Orcutt
2019-09-24 15:27:13
The NSF posted a Dear Colleague Letter to the UNOLS web site in early September. I did forward copies of the letter to members of MSROC and to several other scientists that I knew would be interested in the DCL. However, it appears that the distribution has not been wide enough and I’ve elected to make this available through the IRIS announcement system as well.

The NSF will continue to support the operation of the R/V Langseth through the end of fiscal year 2021, a year’s extension. The NSF has also asked for science proposals from the community to take advantage of this extended opportunity. In the meantime, the NSF intends to solicit proposals this Fall from potential ‘facilitators’ for providing access to commercial ships for future work. In addition, the NSF will also consider the use of international ships for providing access. The goal is to avoid any gap in support of marine active source seismic data collection.

The attached DCL covers these issues in more detail and I recommend that interested scientists read the document. The MSROC will be meeting on the Sunday prior to the the Fall AGU in San Francisco. The meeting will include a discussion of the DCL as well as updates on planning. If you believe this will not reach specific interested scientists, please pass along!

John Orcutt

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