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Cecily Wolfe
2019-10-02 08:24:11
USGS recruiting Senior Science Advisor to coordinate earthquake and
geologic hazards activities

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is seeking to fill one of its most
critical leadership positions for carrying out our natural hazards mission.
The Senior Science Advisor for Earthquake and Geologic Hazards is a Senior
Level (SL) position reporting to the USGS Associate Director for Natural
Hazards. The position serves as coordinator of the Earthquake Hazards
Program (EHP), Geomagnetism Program, and the USGS portion of the Global
Seismographic Network (GSN). These three programs collectively had an
appropriated budget of about $92 million in fiscal year 2019, funding work
at regionally managed USGS science centers as well as by university and
state partners. The EHP and GSN represent the USGS contributions to the
four-agency National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP), which
was recently reauthorized by Congress. The USGS Geomagnetism Program is the
USGS contribution to the multi-agency National Space Weather Program.

This position also has broad responsibility within our Natural Hazards
Mission Area to guide the breadth of USGS geologic hazards work, ensuring
strong coordination with the activities supported by our volcano, landslide
and coastal/marine programs along with the many other hazard-related
activities supported throughout the Survey. In addition to internal program
management responsibilities, the Senior Science Advisor is an ambassador
for the USGS to our many partners and stakeholders in the US and around the

A description of the position and details on how to apply can be found on
USAJOBS Applications will be accepted until
October 30, 2019. There are two separate announcements, one open to current
and former Federal employees ( and the other open to
all U.S. citizens (

Please share this opportunity broadly.

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