Thread: Action Requested: Survey for a Community Seafloor Geodetic Instrument Pool

Started: 2019-10-11 08:30:30
Last activity: 2019-10-11 08:30:30
Dear Colleagues,

NSF has recently commissioned a pool of seafloor geodetic equipment that
will be available to the community.  The initial pool will include the
components for 16 GNSS-Acoustic sites, in addition to 3 Wave Gliders for
data collection.  The instruments will be ready for deployment in 2021,
however the use of these instruments is currently undefined and
unfunded.  NSF has asked for community guidance on how best to utilize
these instruments.

An initial conversation about this future resource was held at one of
the Special Interest Groups at the SAGE/GAGE workshop. To further
advance this discussion and facilitate future planning, an online survey
has been created to capture the level of interest and preferences of the
community.  We invite participation in the survey (16 questions), which
is located here:

Please complete the survey by October 25th.  The results of the survey
will provide an initial snapshot of the community's expectations, and
guide next steps, which will likely include a future workshop.


David Chadwell, University of California, San Diego
David Schmidt, University of Washington
Andrew Newman, Georgia Tech
Noel Bartlow, University of California, Berkeley
Spahr Webb, Columbia University
Mark Zumberge, University of California, San Diego

Project Abstract

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