Thread: Graduate student positions of seismology at New Mexico State University

Started: 2019-10-16 12:42:38
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The Seismology research group in the Department of Physics at New Mexico
State University are recruiting Ph.D. students to start Fall 2020.Our
research groups offer opportunities to study the Earth’s interior and
have a field seismic experiment in Myanmar to study the Indo-Burma
subductions zone and its dynamics on the growth of the eastern Tibetan

Research and teaching assistantships are available for highly qualified
applicants and are awarded in fall of each year. In addition,
departmental and college scholarships provide additional financial
support for conference travel expenses. Interested students should visit
our prospective graduate student webpage
( and feel free
to contact faculty directly via email.  Closing date: until filled.

James Ni and Lauren Waszek will be at the AGU fall meetings for more
information and consultation!

Dr. Thomas Hearn (thearn<at> Computational Seismology
Area of research: seismic tomography, inverse theory, crust and mantle
structure, nuclear monitoring.

Dr. James Ni (jni<at> Earthquake Seismology,
Area of research: observational seismology, nuclear monitoring, crust
and mantle structure, seismotectonics.

Dr. Lauren Waszek (lwaszek<at> Global Seismology

Area of research: Mantle discontinuities and relationship to composition
and dynamics; structure and evolution of the core.

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