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Started: 2008-09-12 18:21:48
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Brian Savage
2008-09-12 18:21:48
(1) - testsuite.patch
(2) - inctim.patch

At the prodding of Kuang He, an initial testing suite has been
developed for SAC; see attachment, patch against v101.2.

The patch includes the infrastructure to test the individual
subroutines within SAC to guarantee changes made to the code do not
begin to break things. We envision the use by developers and
possibly users who wish to compile SAC on their own systems. After
installing the patch do the normal

% ./configure
% make
then to run the tests do
% make check

The tests are located in the sac/t directory, borrowing the structure
from perl. This can be easily changed.

Comments are welcome. After the test suite evolves a bit I would
like to add it to the CVS repository to make it a normal part of the
building, release process.

Note: The tests will currently fail due from the inclusion of src/ucf/
inctim.c. This was done on purpose. Kuang He provided a patch, see
attachment, to make the error messages go away, which I believe is
the correct behavior, but the inctim() routine still has trouble with
values very close, actually on, half a millisecond.


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