Thread: Segmentation fault using rdseed please help

Started: 2019-12-15 10:09:02
Last activity: 2019-12-15 10:09:02
2019-12-15 10:09:02
Hey I am using the computer programs in seismology tutorials ( and I am getting this message any time I try to run: rdseed -f ../20020618.5710 -R -d -o 1
This is the output message: IRIS SEED Reader, Release 5.3.1 >>
R = print response data (with addressing for evresp)
d = read data from tape
Taking input from ../20020618.5710
Output data format will be sac.binary.
INFO: sac variable EVDP will be in KILOMETERS
WARNING (output_sac): Segmentation fault (core dumped)

03:27:07 v.f0c1234e