Thread: SSA 2020 session: Exploring Rupture Dynamics and Seismic Wave Propagation Along Complex Fault Systems

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Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting an abstract to the SSA 2020 session "Exploring Rupture Dynamics and Seismic Wave Propagation Along Complex Fault Systems”. The abstract deadline is 14 January 2020 5 p.m PST.

Description: Investigations related to how complexities in fault parameters and geometry could potentially impact the behavior of earthquake rupture and affect seismic hazard are areas of active and challenging research. This session will highlight recent advances in rupture dynamics on complex fault systems. We are open to a wide range of studies related to numerical, experimental and observational fault rupture dynamic studies with heterogeneities such as fault geometry, fault roughness, frictional parameters, topography, creeping mechanisms, stress asperities, off-fault material properties, bi-material interfaces and wedge structures along subduction zones. We also encourage contributions on research that explores links between earthquake source physics, tsunami generation/propagation and ground motion variability.

Session Conveners:
Kenny Ryan
Roby Douilly
Christos Kyriakopoulos
David Oglesby
Ruth Harris
Eric Geist

Roby Douilly
Assistant Professor of Seismology
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
University of California, Riverside
Office: Geology Building - Room 414
Phone: (951) 827-2976

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