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The abstract deadline for the 2020 SSA meeting is quickly
14*--and we wanted to draw your attention to the following session on
Regional Earthquake Centers: Highlights and Challenges. It is a great
opportunity to share the work that you have been doing in your networks,
and will hopefully be an opportunity to meet and engage with other network
operators. Please consider submitting an abstract ( Apologies if you receive this
announcement multiple times.

*Regional Earthquake Centers: Highlights and Challenges*
This session highlights the unique observations, opportunities and
challenges of regional seismic operation centers. Regional seismic
operation centers play an important role in monitoring for natural
earthquakes and other phenomena, including induced seismicity. They also
play an important role in advancing scientific study, especially as it
relates to local and regional seismic hazard and the generation of
high-quality seismic data and data products, such as earthquake catalogs.
Regional seismic operation centers are also important for communicating
hazard and risk to a wide variety of stakeholders, including researchers,
emergency management agencies, policy makers, educators, regulators and the
general public. The purpose of the session is to foster collaboration and
to communicate advances and challenges of monitoring at a regional scale.
We welcome a wide range of contributions spanning science, operations
and/or stakeholder engagement. Topics of interest include integrating new
technological advances in data acquisition and processing; data policies
and data sharing; interactions with stakeholders; and novel education and
outreach initiatives. Other topics that highlight current advances and
challenges for regional earthquake operation centers are also of interest.
We encourage submissions from both large and small regional seismic
networks. If you work with real-time data for regional seismic monitoring,
we encourage you to submit an abstract.

*Conveners *
Kristine L. Pankow, University of Utah (pankowseis2<at>; Renate
Hartog, University of Washington (jrhartog<at>; Mairi Litherland, New
Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources (mairi.litherland<at>;
Jeri Ben-Horin, Arizona Geological Survey (jeribenhorin<at>

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