Thread: SSA 2020 Session: Earthquake Early Warning: Current Status and Latest Innovations

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Dear Colleagues,

The SSA abstract deadline is just over a week away (January 14th, 2020 at 5pm PDT).

We’re looking forward to another stimulating Earthquake Early Warning session this year! Please consider submitting an abstract to the EEW session and joining us.

Earthquake Early Warning: Current Status and Latest Innovations
The field of earthquake early warning (EEW) is expanding, incorporating research from a wide range of other domains including computer science, civil engineering and social science. The number of examples of earthquakes recorded by operational EEW systems continues to grow. The 2019 Ridgecrest sequence, for example, included both the largest main shock and the most energetic aftershock sequence encountered by the US ShakeAlert EEW system. This sequence, along with other large earthquakes e.g. in Japan, Mexico and China, provide operational experience and insight into the potential and the limitations of EEW systems. Many challenges remain to maximize the potential of these systems. Unanswered questions range from the scientific (e.g., real-time magnitude estimates of large earthquakes and rupture predictability) to the practical (e.g., how to distribute alerts to the public most efficiently, minimizing data transmission delays).

In this session we welcome abstracts related to all aspects of EEW including, but not limited to, algorithm development, system performance, improved trigger detection/discrimination techniques, network build-out, alerting methods and technology and EEW education and outreach.

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Abstract submissions:

Angela Chung, Berkeley Seismology Lab (aichung<at> <aichung<at>>)
Men-Andrin Meier, Caltech (mmeier<at> <mmeier<at>>)

Dr. Angela Chung
Project Scientist - Earthquake Early Warning
Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

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