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Started: 2010-10-12 20:35:46
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Rebecca Harrington
2010-10-12 20:35:46
I am trying to use the OAPF command to write an alphanumeric pick file,
but the time format stored in the pick file does not seem to correspond
to the format listed in the manual as far as I can tell.

I am using the following commands:
oapf name [filename]
ppk absolute

The time written to the pick file is given by:
3388054 55.93

which should correspond to a pick at 5.93 sec in a file with beginning
time of 17:22:50.103 on Sept. 28, 2004. Beyond the year and Julian day,
the rest doesn't seem to be in GMT time. Am I misinterpreting something?

Thanks much,

18:52:47 v.f0c1234e