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Dear DAS Interest Group (DIG),

Welcome to our new listserv hosted by IRIS instead of the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a result of NSF's intent to fund a DAS-RCN for three years. You have been automatically subscribed. You manage your subscription at or send an email to das-subscribe<at> IRIS provides a strong institutional sponsor, long-term stability, and visibility. IRIS has also begun a DAS-RCN website, which will expand as our activities ramp up.

The RCN's mission is to advance the applications of DAS in geosciences and engineering. We have a mandate to reach out to the glaciology, hydrology, geomorphology, and engineering communities. Many RCN activities will be focused around multi-day workshops and short courses, and topical webinars. An immediately planned activity is initiation of Working Groups to prepare resources such as bibliographies and meeting notices and to write brief reports on the state-of-the-art in different topical areas. These subgroups will be largely self organized by Steering Committee and DIG members.

* Data Management -- Jerry Carter (IRIS) lead (jerry.carter<at>
* Marine Geophysics - Nate Lindsey (lead),
* Cryosphere - Luke Zoet (lead), Zhongwen Zhan, Scott Tyler,
* Hydrology - Scott Tyler, Matt Becker, Mark Hausner, Zhongwen Zhan,
* Geomorphology - Luke Zoet,
* Machine Learning - Eileen Martin (lead), Whitney Trainor-Guitton,
* DAS Technology - Yingping Li,
* Engineering Infrastructure
* Low-to-Ultra-low Frequency DAS Strain - Matt Becker, Yingping Li,
Please respond directly to me, steering committee or steering committee member, or Jerry Carter of your willingness to contribute to one or more of these Working Groups. Responses by April 3 will be most useful. We will use the IRIS web site and this listserv to provide communication from the Working Groups to the larger DAS community. Our goal is to produce initial working drafts 18 months from now with final reports at the three-year conclusion of the award.

We look for community input and participation for all activities. The RCN is guided by a broadly-based Steering Committee. We are very ably assisted by Dr. Kasey Aderhold, a seismologist at IRIS. We meet by video conference monthly on the second Thursday. Please feel free to send any one of us an email with suggestions, ideas, or issues that you believe would promote the goals of the RCN. From the Steering Committee, we look forward to your participation in this community and its activities.

Herbert Wang (hfwang<at> - co-PI

Robert Detrick (detrick<at> - co-PI

Scott Tyler (styler<at> - co-PI

Robert Woodward (woodward<at> - co-PI

Kasey Aderhold (kasey.aderhold<at><kasey.aderhold<at>>) - Project Associate

Jonathan Ajo-Franklin (ja62<at>

Matt Becker (matt.becker<at>

Dante Fratta (fratta<at>

Mark Hausner (mark.hausner<at>

Zuyuan He (zuyuanhe<at>

Charlotte Krawczyk (lotte<at>

Yingping Li (<at>

Nate Lindsey (nlindsey<at>

Eileen Martin (eileenrmartin<at>

Whitney Trainor-Guitton (wtrainor<at>

Zhongwen Zhan (zwzhan<at>

Lucas Zoet (lzoet<at>

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