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Ken Macpherson
2020-03-30 21:55:16
Institution: Alaska Earthquake Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Open Until: 2020-04-26

The Alaska Earthquake Center (AEC) is searching for a Product Analyst to join our seismic data quality assurance team. AEC operates a network of over 230 seismic stations in support of our mission of advancing Alaska’s resilience to earthquakes through seismic monitoring, research, and public engagement. This position offers the opportunity to contribute fundamentally to this mission by evaluating the quality and completeness of the center’s seismic and auxiliary data. This position will use quantitative tools to generate network reports that will help guide upstream field maintenance activities as well as inform downstream data consumers. A meticulous attitude towards managing large datasets, a thorough understanding of signal processing, and excellent communication skills are required. If desired, this position will have periodic opportunities to visit seismic stations in remote Alaska. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in providing network intelligence to field engineers, operational staff, and researchers.

50% Data Quality Assurance: Use analytical skills to ensure the integrity and quality of waveform and auxiliary data by routinely investigating suites of complex data-quality metrics and graphical representations of noise characteristics. Identify data issues that may disrupt organizations and compile frequent, periodic reports summarizing network performance with respect to data quality and integrity. Interface with downstream teams in order to understand data needs and provide network intelligence (e.g. data availability, continuity, noise characteristics, and reliability ) to users.

25% Visualization, Organization, and Archiving: Manage the large amounts of output generated by quality control tools and distill relevant information into an accessible form. Script to acquire and organize metrics, develop automated methods to flag potential problems, and implement visualization techniques to facilitate interaction with results. Develop workflows that rapidly identify network problems, enhance transparency of network state of health, and document results and can be used by researchers and faculty members to inform their operations and research.

20% Interface With Field Team: Act as interface between the center’s Field Team and downstream analytical operations. Communicate results directly to other teams to help coordinate their operations. Stay abreast of Field Team activities and how they may impact data quality. Collaborate with the Field Team to design and implement systems and procedures to enhance data quality. Work with the Field Team to diagnose issues with data integrity and quality. Identify opportunities for collaboration between the Field Team station health monitoring and downstream quality assurance and determine impacts on data. May periodically contribute to station maintenance at remote Alaskan sites.

5% Duty Seismologist: Participate in the center’s 24/7 response to significant seismic events. Conduct quality control of automated locations, monitor for data outages, and rapidly analyze and disseminate information both internally and externally following significant seismic events.

- Ability to organize, manipulate, and analyze large data sets.
- Experience using visualization tools to display complex datasets.
- Meticulous organizational skills and attention to detail.
- Knowledge of signal processing, statistical methods, and data quality
- Experience with unix-like computing environments.
- Strong scripting skills in languages such as Python, bash, or MATLAB.
- Ability to work with version control software.
- Ability to clearly communicate findings for internal and external reporting.
- Ability to work in a team environment with colleagues with diverse
backgrounds such as seismology, engineering, and outreach.
- Knowledge of common seismological waveform formats.
- Experience using seismic data retrieval systems.
- Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
Requires a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline in geophysics, physics, mathematics, computer science, data science, or a related field and at least 1 year of additional training or experience in the field or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Please use the following link to apply

If you need assistance applying to this posting, please contact GI - Office of Human Resources at 907-474-6498. Informal inquiries about this position can be made by contacting Ken Macpherson at kamacpherson<at>

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