Thread: Updates to irisFetch.m and IRIS-WS library

Started: 2020-05-20 16:30:23
Last activity: 2020-05-20 16:30:23
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Robert Weekly
2020-05-20 16:30:23
Hello Web Service users,

We are pleased to announce new releases of both the irisFetch.m Matlab client (v 2.0.11) and the accompanying IRIS-WS Java library (v 2.0.19)

These most recent versions may be downloaded from the following links.

For more information and usage examples, please consult the Manual pages for both pieces of software located here for the IRIS-WS library and here for the irisFetch.m tool.

These updates are intended to fix issues related to our previous updates to the IRIS suite of web services where we instituted open-ended channel epoch times. Additionally, this fixes an issue related to new services being made available through our irisws-fedcatalog service.

PLEASE NOTE: As discussed in previous emails, these updates have been made with JDK 1.8 in mind, which may require you to update your Matlab version to 2017b or more recent.

Please send any questions you may have about these pieces of software to the ws-issues<at> <ws-issues<at>> email and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

Thank you,
IRIS Web Services
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