Thread: AGU Session Celebrating 2 Decades of GeoPRISMS & MARGINS Science

Started: 2020-07-02 17:57:53
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Dear Colleagues,

In honor of 20 years of combined MARGINS + GeoPRISMS Science, we are convening a session at the virtual AGU 2020 titled "Advances in Understanding Continental Margin Evolution: Two Decades of GeoPRISMS and MARGINS Science.”

We are excited to invite a wide range of abstracts that capture this incredible period of multidisciplinary and amphibious science. We encourage abstracts that bring together disciplines and datasets to address a specific research problem or knowledge gap within the scope of GeoPRISMS or MARGINS science. The scientific objectives of the GeoPRISMS program can be found at .

Abstracts for AGU 2020 will be accepted through July 29, 2020.

We look forward to celebrating the incredible science accomplished by this community!

Jennifer Wade (NSF)

Demian Saffer (UT Austin)

Katie Kelley (URI)

Harm Van Avendonk (UT Austin)


Session ID: 103961
Session Title: Advances in Understanding Continental Margin Evolution: Two Decades of GeoPRISMS and MARGINS Science
Section: Tectonophysics

Over the past two decades, the GeoPRISMS and MARGINS programs have brought together a vibrant community of geoscientists to conduct computational, laboratory, and large scale field experiments that span the shorelines of continental margins. These interdisciplinary investigations aim to understand Earth’s most active tectonic, mass transfer, and sedimentary systems, and have yielded new insights into processes that underlie both active and passive margin evolution, and major geohazards that affect population centers, including large earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and landslides. In this session, we invite presentations that contribute to advancing and integrating the research efforts of these two decadal programs and their associated communities, including research at focus/primary sites, allied thematic studies, and particularly work that uses large and diverse datasets to synthesize geophysical, geochemical, numerical, and/or experimental investigations to illuminate and quantify fundamental processes that control deformation and mass flux at active subduction zones, continental rift systems, and passive margins.

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