Thread: Session on the advances in satellite potential field geophysics to study the Earth's interior

Started: 2020-07-13 14:54:05
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Dear colleagues and friends,

For those of you working with satellite geophysics data, please consider submitting your abstract to the following AGU session (abstracts submission deadline is 29th of July):

Session title:
Advances in Satellite Potential Field Geophysics to Study the Earth's Deep Interior

Session description:
Satellite potential field missions, e.g., GRACE, GOCE, CHAMP and Swarm, have played a crucial role in advancing our understanding of the Earth's deep interior from the crust to the core. Such missions have provided the geoscientific community with potential field measurements, e.g., gravity and (electro)-magnetics, with unprecedented accuracy and global homogeneous coverage. Regardless of their sensitivity to rheological parameters, temperature, and water content, the full capabilities of these measurements have not been fully exploited yet.
We invite contributions highlighting the sensitivity of the satellite potential field observations and their use to image and monitor the Earth's deep interior. This includes, but not limited to, new forward modelling and inversion techniques and studies that make innovative use of satellite potential field geophysical data in integration with any of seismology, magnetotellurics, and mineral physics data and models.

Session ID: DI008

Best regards,
Islam Fadel (University of Twente)
Barend Cornelis Root (Delft University)
Wolfgang Szwillus (Kiel University)
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