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Laura Ermert
2020-07-16 06:40:52
Dear colleagues,
We invite you to submit an abstract to our 2020 AGU Fall Meeting
S004 – Correlation seismology: A new perspective on seismic
Abstract submission deadline: July 29, 2020
The goal of this session is to discuss correlation-based imaging and
monitoring without requiring the retrieval of empirical Green's
functions, but using any type of data, e.g. ambient
noise/earthquakecoda/controlled sources.
Invited Speakers:
Sheng Wang - The Australian National University
Aurélien Mordret - ISTerre, UGA (Grenoble)
Session Description: Correlation of seismic records detects coherently
propagating waves from diverse origins, such as the continuous noise
field and localised microseisms, the coda of large earthquakes, or
repetitive anthropogenic activities (like mining or freight train
operation). Widely applied to retrieve surface waves, recent advances
in the field enable the use of body waves probing Earth’s deep interior
and the interpretation of waveforms.
Seismic interferometry is frequently approached in terms of Green’s
function retrieval, a successful approach, which however faces known
limitations. Correlation seismology adds a broader perspective by
treating interferometric functions (including auto-/cross-correlation
and deconvolution) as self-contained observations.
This session serves as a dedicated platform for contributions featuring
theoretical and numerical developments and applications in correlation
seismology, regardless of data type, and covering all scales from crust
to core. We invite abstracts addressing new approaches for correlation-
based imaging and monitoring, novel processing strategies, source-
structure trade-off and accounting for heterogeneous source
Additionally, we will host a short webinar series before the Fall
Meeting, as a prelude to this session. Through the webinars we hope to
stimulate in-depth exchange and facilitate joining the virtual
community for first-time attendees:
Shravan Hanasoge (TIFR, Mumbai): Cross-correlation modelling and
helioseismologyAnne Obermann (ETH Zurich): Coda-wave monitoringVictor
Tsai (Brown University): Source effects/biases in GF retrieval-based
interferometry Speaker TBC: Deep-Earth interferometry
Kind regards,
The conveners:Arjun Datta (Tata Institute of Fundamental
Research)Thanh-Son Pham (The Australian National University)Laura
Ermert (Harvard University)Korbinian Sager (Brown University)

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