Thread: AGU Session: SY044 - The Human Dimension: Social Science, Communication, Education, and Outreach of Earthquake Early Warning Systems Worldwide

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Dear Colleagues,

AGU is offering the 2020 Fall Meeting (December 7-11th), as an online Virtual
Conference this year. We would like to draw your attention and request that
you submit an abstract to our multidisciplinary AGU session in the Science
and Society section, and co-sponsored by Natural Hazards and Education.
Because this session is in Science and Society, you can submit a
first-authored abstract here and to another session, respectively.

SY044 - The Human Dimension: Social Science, Communication, Education, and
Outreach of Earthquake Early Warning Systems Worldwide

*Session Description: *Mexico City launched the first earthquake early
warning (EEW) system in 1991 to alert people of impending earthquake
shaking. Over the past thirty years, Japan, Taiwan, and others implemented
EEW, while Canada is currently building their own system. After a decade in
development, the ShakeAlert® System commenced testing of public alert
delivery throughout California. Oregon and Washington plan to begin public
testing in 2021. Human dimensions work in concert with the technical and
scientific aspects to make EEW a success. As the ShakeAlert® system evolves
operationally in the delivery of alerts, successful human interaction with
the system will be critical to its effectiveness. This session explores
compelling social science questions about how people can best use EEW to
mitigate risk, what we know about people’s experience with EEW, development
of warning messages encouraging protective actions, and what actions are
taken in response. We also seek science communication, education, and
outreach case studies about EEW worldwide.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for considering this
opportunity to share your research and science application insights.
Apologies for multiple postings of this email, as we are seeking to
distribute the announcement broadly to reach as many disciplines as
appropriate. Finally, if you have questions about our session, please do
not “reply all”, rather send your questions to the conveners listed below.


Shelley E Olds, UNAVCO/ University of Nebraska Lincoln;

Robert M deGroot, United States Geological Survey - Earthquake Science

Sara McBride, U.S. Geological Survey;

Cynthia L Pridmore, California Geological Survey Sacramento

PS:If you are not a member of AGU, you can join at: The deadline is July 29, 2020.
Authors will be informed in September regarding the date and format (oral
or poster) of their presentation.

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