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Two postdoctoral fellowships available

UC Berkeley Seismology Lab

Development and implementation of machine learning techniques for improved
earthquake detection, analysis and warning

Two postdoctoral fellowship positions are available at the UC Berkeley
Seismology Lab (BSL) to work on machine learning applications to earthquake
detection, analysis and earthquake early warning. The BSL brings together
geophysical network development and operation with research into all
aspects of earthquake processes, hazards and Earth structure. The faculty,
researchers, postdocs, students and engineering staff work closely at the
intersection of research and data collection to make new discoveries
relating to earthquake processes and develop new approaches to reduce
hazards. Our expanding real time data collection networks include very
broadband seismic instrumentation, boreholes, geodetic observations and a
global smartphone accelerometer network. These postdoctoral fellowships
will focus on the development of new techniques to detect and characterize
earthquakes both to further our understanding of the physics of earthquakes
and to improve hazard reductions strategies including earthquake early

We are looking for candidates with experience in machine learning and an
interest in applying these techniques to the earthquake problem. We invite
applicants from the geophysics and computer science communities. The
positions are available to start immediately, or when the successful
applicants are available. The initial appointment would be for one year.
Reappointment for a second and possibly third year is typical but dependent
on satisfactory progress.

Applications will be reviewed as they are received and continue until the
positions are filled. Applicants should send a letter detailing their
research interests and its relevance to the topics described above, and a
CV to Richard Allen (rallen<at> Questions about the position
should be sent to the same email address.

*Richard M. Allen*
Director, Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
Class of 1954 Professor, Dept. Earth & Planetary Science
University of California, Berkeley --

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