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Started: 2020-09-22 06:47:33
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Judith Hubbard
2020-09-22 06:47:33
Institution: Earth Observatory of Singapore
Open Until: 2020-12-31

The Earth Observatory of Singapore invites applications for two post-doctoral positions in the field of tectonics/earthquakes.

Position 1 (numerical modelling of earthquakes/tectonics): The candidate should have demonstrable expertise in dynamic rupture modeling as applied to active tectonics and earthquake hazards to participate in research on active faults and earthquakes around Southeast Asia. The candidate will work under the supervision of Assistant Professor Judith Hubbard and will collaborate with other members of the Tectonics group to evaluate the physical processes and states necessary to cause sequential earthquake triggering in complex 3-D settings. Experience with some combination of waveform seismology, structural geology, fault properties, and/or geodynamics is preferred. The successful candidate will work with the Structural Geology team to study the relationships between fault geometry, stress state and dynamics, and earthquake patterns. Specific research will include the 2019 Cotabato earthquake cascade and similar sequences. The Structural Geology team also has existing projects and deployments in Nepal and Bangladesh, and there will likely be opportunities to work in those areas as well.

Details and how to apply here:

Position 2 (3D geological modeling of earthquakes/volcanoes): The candidate should have demonstrable expertise in the application of geophysical and 3D geological modeling to participate in research on the connections between tectonics, earthquake processes, and volcanism around Southeast Asia. The candidate will work under the supervision of Dr. Kyle Bradley and will collaborate closely with other Principal Investigators in the Tectonics and Volcano groups at EOS, to better understand the physical interconnections between faults and volcanoes in this region through construction of 3D geological models of closely related fault-volcano systems. Experience with 3D modeling techniques that integrate observations from waveform seismology, crustal magnetic, gravity, structural geology, rock mechanics, is preferred. Candidates with strong experience in earthquake or volcano geology will also be prioritized. Research will focus on volcano-fault interactions of the Lesser Sunda Arc, including the 2018 Lombok, Indonesia earthquake cascade, but will likely extend to other regions of interest.

Details and how to apply here:
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