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Started: 2020-09-24 04:14:48
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Julien Chaput
2020-09-24 04:14:48
Institution: University of Texas at El Paso
Open Until: 2020-12-31

We currently have a an opportunity for a PhD level graduate student to work with Dr. Julien Chaput at UTEP on seismic imaging of Erebus volcano, Antarctica, and other related targets such as the Valles caldera, NM, and Yellowstone.
Candidates with excellent backgrounds in mathematics, physics, and programming (Matlab or Python) are particularly encouraged to apply. Additional experience in time series analysis is desirable.
Seismic imaging of complex structures like volcanoes presents unique challenges related to the highly scattering medium, and with them, opportunities to develop novel approaches to understand their dynamic magma systems. Erebus volcano, a natural laboratory on Ross Island, Antarctica, has been persistently instrumented for almost 20 years, and recent pushes in monitoring efforts have led to the deployment of a new generation of permanent seismic stations. We plan to leverage these new stations as well as many past stations to push developments in ambient noise and coda imaging, temporal monitoring, and seismicity characterization. Other projects related to the Valles Caldera, NM, and Yellowstone, are also available.
Research is funded through NSF award #1917178.

This position will be open until filled. Feel free to visit the following site for more details.
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Julien Chaput

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