Thread: PhD opportunity in the Earthquake Mechanics group at University of Michigan

Started: 2020-11-18 21:05:47
Last activity: 2020-11-18 21:05:47
Institution: University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
Open Until: 2021-01-07

Dear All,

My group at University of Michigan is looking for a highly motivated PhD student to develop fully dynamic earthquake cycle models and investigate the evolution of fault damage zones during interseismic deformation and coseismic rupture. The project is supported by the NSF CAREER grant “Investigating the Relationship between Fault Damage Zones and Earthquakes through Seismic Observations and Earthquake Cycle Simulations”. The student will have the opportunity to learn cutting-edge techniques in both seismic data analysis and numerical modeling to better assess seismic hazards. The student will work in a collaborative environment and get exposure to a variety of expertise such as Earth’s structure, lithosphere dynamics, tectonics and structural geology in the department. Full financial support including fellowships and research assistantships will be provided for the students.

Students with B.S. or M.S. degree in geophysics, geology, engineering, physics or a closely related field are all welcome to apply. Programming experience and familiarity with numerical methods are recommended. Applicants are encouraged to contact me (yiheh<at> to discuss the research project and life at UMich. Applicants can find more information about our group at More general information about the graduate student application is available at The application deadline for Fall admission is January 7, 2021.

Best regards,
Yihe Huang
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