Thread: Seismology Ph.D. student opportunities in DAS and multi-parameter seismic FWI at Penn State University

Started: 2020-11-23 17:22:52
Last activity: 2020-11-23 17:22:52
Institution: Penn State University
Open Until: 2020-12-31

Two seismology position in DAS and FWI are available and are funded by NSF and DOE.

The PhD position on DAS will focus on how we maximize the value of DAS data from the FORESEE array and Alaska array. Both datasets are long-term monitoring strain-rate measurements. The student will develop the quantitative skills including data mining/machine learning, seismic data processing, and inversion/tomography. This project will also interact with colleagues from computation mathematician and engineering. The work will include the field work in Alaska. Prior research experience in seismology data processing and ambient noise are highly desirable.

The PhD position on FWI will focus on the development of multi-parameters including elasticity, viscoelasticity, and applications to field datasets from near-surface seismic surveys. The student will be expected to develop the computational skills, wave simulations, and data analytics. Prior research experience in seismic wave propagation and simulations and/or FWI are highly desirable.

Students with a record of publication or master’s degree, strong quantitative skills, and appropriate experiences will be given preference. Start date for graduate studies is Fall 2021. To express interest in the positions please email Prof Tieyuan Zhu at tyzhu<at> and include
1) a statement of research interests and experience,
2) a CV, and
3) a writing sample, if available.

Candidates will be considered for PhD admission through the following programs: Preferred initial contact is requested before Dec 15 2020 to be closely follow by PhD application. Request after December 15th 2020 will be accepted but evaluation is not guaranteed.

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