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Started: 2020-12-08 03:59:55
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Ayla Martinelli
2020-12-08 03:59:55
Institution: University of Rochester
Open Until: 2021-01-15

The University of Rochester seismology laboratory (URSeismo) at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences is seeking applications from highly motivated undergraduate students to join our Ph.D. program and work on research opportunities in global lithospheric structure. Research at URSeismo will involve developing high-performance computing tools that process large amounts of ground vibration waveform data for Earth imaging. Members in our group work on research projects in marine seismology, crustal structure, ambient-noise spectral analysis, Bayesian inversion, and data sciences in solid earth geophysics (
The interested student will work on a project investigating lithospheric layering beneath the African continent using advanced seismic imaging techniques. Other possible research projects can be found at

For more details on the graduate program, see Early application is encouraged. Interested students may also set up an appointment before the deadline to discuss their interests:

Diversity Philosophy: Our group believes that incorporating diversity into all aspects of education leads to a richer, more valuable experience for all our members. In partnership with the David T. Kearns Center at the University of Rochester, we will provide support to incoming students who are from under-represented groups. We commit to providing all members with the necessary academic mentoring, and an inclusive environment that will ensure they can navigate unique educational backgrounds, experiences, and cultural influences, as they adjust to the learning journey that is the Ph.D. education. See resources and links in our onboarding document (@URSeismo)

Current Sources of Funding
->NSF-Earthscope, NSF-Geo, UofR Furth Award

Other Sources of Funding
->2020 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships (deadline: October 22, 2021, Reference letter: November 2, 2021)

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