Thread: Postdoc and PhD student opportunities in Earthquake Seismology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Started: 2020-12-17 14:46:17
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A postdoctoral researcher position in earthquake seismology is available
in the Shenzhen Research Institute of The Chinese University of Hong
Kong (CUHK). The focus of research is to derive high-resolution
subsurface structure and/or its temporal variation based on dense array
data. Target fields include, but are not limited to, crustal fault zones
and shale gas blocks in China.

The postdoc candidate should have a broad interest in earthquake physics
and sophisticated experience in seismic data processing. Proficient
programming skills are preferred. Experiences of seismic tomography,
waveform modeling, and/or deriving static and dynamic source properties
of earthquakes are desired.

The postdoc will be located in the Shenzhen Research Institute, under
supervision by Prof. Hongfeng Yang. The appointment is for two years,
with an annual stipend of ~300,000 RMB (US$ ~45,000). Applications will
be evaluated immediately, and the successful candidate can start as
early as possible.

One PhD student is sought to work on seismological topics including but
not limited to, Induced Earthquakes in the Sichuan Basin, Dynamic
Rupture Simulations, and/or Dense Array Based Imaging, within the Earth
System Science Programme, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).
Candidates should have a broad interest in earthquake physics.
Experience of seismic data processing is preferred but not required.

Successful candidates must meet doctoral admission requirements of the
university ( Assistantships (TA/RA)
will be offered at HK$18,025 per month. The candidate will start on
August 1^st , 2021.

For further information, please send inquiries to Prof. Hongfeng Yang
(hyang<at> <hyang<at>>).

Associate Professor
Earth System Science Programme
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, NT, Hong Kong, China

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