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Jadamec, Margarete
2020-12-18 18:11:35
Dear Colleagues,

Please forward this advertisement to interested students.

I am pleased to advertise PhD positions in subduction dynamics as a part of my recently funded NSF CAREER award: High-resolution Simulations of Subduction Along the Pacific Rim of Fire.

Successful applicants will participate in developing, running, and analyzing data-driven 3D geodynamic models of the subduction process, with subduction along the Pacific Rim of Fire as a case study. In particular, the models will address hypotheses for slab-edge driven mantle upwelling and volcanism as well as mechanisms for (de)coupling of the lithosphere and asthenosphere at convergent plate margins. Over the course of the 5-year project, the regional models will be integrated into a larger, comprehensive, high-resolution 3D model of the entire Pacific Rim of Fire to systematically analyze these hypotheses.

The workflow is partitioned into data synthesis, model design, simulation, and analysis. Techniques include high-performance computing and 3D virtual reality, in addition to the synthesis of geologic and geophysical data. Thus, qualified applicants may span a range of backgrounds including geology, geophysics, computational science and engineering, and physics. In all cases, an interest in geoscientific observational data synthesis, understanding physical mechanisms governing solid Earth dynamics, and computer programming is encouraged.

The Geology Department at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, is located on the University at Buffalo North Campus, in the suburban region northeast of downtown Buffalo. Through my joint appointment with the Geology Department and the Institute for Computational and Data Sciences at UB, students will have the opportunity to further convergence-based research through an interdisciplinary framework. On-site resources include the Geodynamics Research and Visualization Lab in the Geology Department as well as a 1200-core cluster-partition networked with the larger academic compute cluster at UB's Center for Computational Research.

Please direct interest to Margarete Jadamec (mjadamec<at>

More information on the Geology Department at UB can be found here:

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