Thread: vEGU2021 - Session TS4.2 Seismic and aseismic deformation at seismogenic faults: from distributed to localized deformation

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Dear colleagues, a kind reminder for the call for abstracts!

We’d like to draw your attention to our interdisciplinary EGU session,
which seeks to deepen our understanding of seismic and aseismic
deformation through
a diverse set of topics and methodologies. We hope you will consider
submitting an abstract! Please feel free to share this with anyone else who
might be interested.

Deadline for submission: *January 13, 2021*

*Session TS4.2** - **Seismic and aseismic deformation at seismogenic
faults: from distributed to localized deformation *

*Invited speakers:* *Daniel Faulkner*, University of Liverpool & *Kali
Allison*, University of Maryland

Tectonic plate motion is accommodated through aseismic and seismic slip on
faults, visco-elastic processes, and permanent plastic deformation. These
processes control the stress redistribution throughout the Earth’s crust at
all spatio-temporal scales, from localized earthquakes to long-term and
-wavelength viscous interaction. The contribution of other factors, such as
fluids, also play an important role in the mechanism of such processes.
Understanding the physics and the energy partitioning between these
processes at all scales and in various tectonic settings is essential to
assess their impact on the seismic cycle. To improve our comprehension in
the partitioning between seismic-aseismic slip and brittle-ductile
deformation at all scales, we invite contributions that explore the themes
described herein, through geophysical and geological observations,
laboratory experiments, numerical modelling, and the integration of
multiple approaches.


Kind regards,

Sylvain Michel, Ecole Normale Supérieure

Luca Dal Zilio, Caltech

Allie Hutchison, Géoazur

Jorge Jara, Ecole Normale Supérieure

Valére Lambert, Caltech

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