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Relu Burlacu
2021-02-05 15:34:45
Institution: University of Utah Seismograph Stations
Open Until: 2021-07-31

Job description
The University of Utah Seismograph Stations ( is seeking a specialist who will work under the supervision of other professional staff to operate, repair, and maintain 230 stations forming part of the University of Utah’s regional seismic network. Stations consist of seismic sensors, digital data acquisition systems, and associated telemetry equipment and are sited both in the urban built environment and in remote field locations throughout Utah, parts of neighboring states, and Yellowstone National Park. The Seismograph Technician will assist with the installation of new seismograph stations and maintain a detailed record of station visits and a written repair history for specified equipment items.
For new installations, the Seismograph Technician will perform site construction work and install delicate instrumentation; selecting sites and/or interacting with property owners may be required. Job requires frequent day trips and occasional overnight travel to field installations. Additional duties may be assigned relating to the installation and/or maintenance and operation of other types of seismic monitoring instrumentation. In the event of an earthquake aftershock response, the successful applicant must be prepared, on short notice, to rapidly deploy portable seismic recording equipment, potentially requiring extended travel for three or more days

Applicant must have good interpersonal communication skills and must also be self-motivated and capable of problem-solving, both individually (unsupervised) and as a team member. Must be capable of performing fieldwork, sometimes under inclement conditions, and capable of strenuous physical labor. Site access may require hiking steep hillsides while carrying heavy batteries, concrete, and other site construction materials, commonly weighing fifty pounds or more. Work may require climbing tall radio towers at remote mountain top locations.

Associate degree in Electronics or equivalency; two years of work experience in electronics required; and a valid Utah Driver’s License required. Demonstrated communications skills; and a commitment to providing excellent customer service also required. Previous fabrication experience and basic understanding of voltage-controlled oscillator, solid-state amplifiers and VHF radio links preferred.

Diversity of electronic and mechanical troubleshooting skills desirable. This would include experience with electronic test equipment (Volt-ohm meter, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, LAN tester, etc.), analog-to-digital conversion dataloggers, RF data transmission, electronic cable construction, and analog component-level electronics. Also desirable is experience with diverse data communications hardware and transmission media such as modems, multiplexers, routers, terminal servers, and cellular communications.

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