Thread: Pacific Northwest Teachers- Important News for Thursday (2/25)

Started: 2021-02-22 13:57:26
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This Thursday we will release a Teachable Moment presentation for Sunday's
20th anniversary of the 2001 Nisqually earthquake that impacted Olympia,
Tacoma, Seattle, and surrounding communities in collaboration with

If you live in King, Pierce, and Thurston Counties in Washington State you
and your students will receive a TEST Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA)
Thursday (2/25) at 11AM as a public demonstration of the ShakeAlert
earthquake early warning system. The USGS and the WA Emergency Management
Division are hosting this public demonstration. WEA is like an AMBER
alert, and you must opt in to receive the test alert if you live in these
three counties. More information on how to opt in is available at

During the test there is a Zoom watch party opportunity for educators in
King, Pierce, and Thurston counties hosted by IRIS in collaboration with
the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry:

*What:* WEA WAtch Party - Help Test ShakeAlert® in Washington

*When:* Feb 25th 10:30 am

*Where:* Virtual! For King, Thurston, and Pierce counties

*Register here:* Meeting Registration - Zoom
Meet scientists and educators who are a part of the ShakeAlert community to
learn more about earthquake early warning (EEW), and then watch it live as
the test alerts come in! In addition, we would appreciate it if you would
fill out a survey (must be 18 years or older) that lets us know how our
alerts did - did you receive an alert? How fast did you receive the alert?
This will help us to inform the ShakeAlert EEW System in preparation for
the statewide formal launch in May 2021.

Flyers for Thursday's public demonstration:

More information

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us!

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