Thread: Supervisory Geophysicist/Geologist (Center Director)

Started: 2021-04-05 16:06:34
Last activity: 2021-04-05 16:06:34
Adrienne Bartlewitz
2021-04-05 16:06:34
Institution: U.S. Geological Survey
Open Until: 2021-04-03

The USGS has announced the job opening for a Supervisory Geophysicist/Geologist (Geologic Hazards Science Center Director).

This job announcement opened on April 3rd and will be closing on May 3rd.

As a Center Director within the Geologic Hazards Science Center (GHSC), some of your specific duties will include:
-Ensure effective supervision and development of all GHSC staff, resolve personnel problems and take necessary disciplinary action as necessary.
-Manage GHSC resources in accordance with applicable policies and good management practice and ensure acquisition and distribution of resources to effectively support GHSC staff and objectives
-Develop GHSC scientific programs/strategies and foster integrated science partnerships within GHSC and with other USGS, government, and private science entities
-Actively establish and maintain contacts with external organizations and ensure dissemination of critical information throughout GHSC
-Represent GHSC, Rocky Mountain Region, and USGS at national and regional meetings, seminars and conferences and actively and equitably represent and advocate for all GHSC scientists and scientific capabilities.

For more information and to apply, please go to:
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