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Started: 2011-07-14 02:39:18
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2011-07-14 02:39:18
Dear Everyone

I am a beginner in SAC, I have some questions look forward to get your help,
1. I usually use Seisan to locate Earthquake epicenter, Recently I am
learning SAC and I don't know Can I use SAC to locate Earthquake epicenter.
2. When I use the SSS command, and use prs command to plot the seismograms
with the arrangement depend on the distant from earthquake to the station.
next step, I want to plot a stack from all seismograms depend on the
travel of Pn or Pg phase, please show me how to plot stack (is this
plotstack command?)

Thank you very much,

Le Ba Manh
Dept. of Earthquake Monitoring
Institute of Geophysics,
VietNam Academy of Science and Technology
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