Thread: SAC script closing before allowing me to view p2 window

Started: 2011-07-21 19:10:46
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Mallory A Morell
2011-07-21 19:10:46
Hello! This is Mallory Morell from U of Arizona. I am trying to run this

#! /bin/csh -f

unsetenv CLICOLOR
set loc = `pwd`
#set stns = `ls -d [A-Z]*/badRF`
set stns = `ls -d test*/`
foreach stn ( $stns )
cd $stn
set files = `ls *a*.norm.itr`
foreach ff ( $files )
set fcut = `basename $ff .itr`
echo $fcut
echo $fcut | sac ../sacro_itr
echo -n " move files = 1 >>> "
set ans = $<
if ( $ans == 1) then
mv $fcut* badRF
cd $loc

Which then pipes the variable and opens this script which runs in SAC:

setbb file $1
r %file%.itr %file%.itt
bg x
qdp off
rmean; taper
fileid type l kstnm baz
xlim -2 20
ylim all
color on inc list red black
grid on

The issue is, SAC closes before I can even view the p2 screen, and it
shouldn't. These codes have worked in the past, so we are unsure of what is
going on, but I need the p2 screen to stay on while I answer the prompt. Or
if it could stay on long enough that I could actually look at it, then
manually close it to answer the prompt that would also be fine. Instead I
get this error:

SAC Error: EOF/Quit
SAC executed from a script: quit command missing
Please add a quit to the script to avoid this message
If you think you got this message in error,
please report it to: sac-help<at>

Thanks for any ideas you have!


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