Thread: Seeking help about HYPO format using OHPF

Started: 2011-08-12 21:19:09
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Xin Zhang
2011-08-12 21:19:09
Dear SAC-users:
I am using SAC for seismological analysis recently. However, I got some
problem about HYPO format using OHPF with sac101.4. I piked/marked the phase
after opening the OHPF and OAPF, but the result is different as follows:

case1: GJM IPU0 11 3 9 24663.00 0 0.0 (OHPF)
case2: -12345 GJM 90.00 90.00IPU0 2011 68 2 46
2.06 -4171 M (OAPF)

In case1 the second of the P arrival is 63.00, while in case2 that is 2.06.
What does the last four digits(e.g. 63.00) mean? Does it mean the arrival of
the P arrival, and if that, why is it different from the result in case2?

Please help me about that.

Xin Zhang

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