Thread: AGU 2021 Session IN034 - Science In Application Containers

Started: 2021-07-29 01:26:03
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Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit to our seesion “IN034 - Science In Application Containers” where we are discussing using containers in science communities.

Session details:

A container packages a software application in a way that is consistent between supercomputers, the cloud, smaller clusters, or any other computing platform, which allows for greater usability within the scientific community. Containers are becoming increasingly useful in Earth Sciences owing to their advantages in portability and reproducibility for small codes that run on a single core to large high-resolution scientific models that run on a supercomputer. Containers can be used for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), controlling and maintaining the operating system and computer environment where an application runs, and sharing scientific applications. This session will encompass topics such as building and running containers, open source packages and environment setups that can be used by the earth science community, container usage in CI/CD, and availability of containers to be used for scientific experiments. We encourage submissions from anyone who is using containers to run scientific code.

Primary convener
Thomas E. Robinson - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Kayla Kroll - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Ian Colwell - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Qingkai Kong - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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