Thread: Graduate Student Research: Megathrust Modeling Effort

Started: 2021-10-01 20:52:51
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Daniel Trugman
2021-10-01 20:52:51
Institution: The University of Texas at Austin
Open Until: 2022-01-01

We are currently seeking graduate students for appointments at The University of Texas, the University of California, San Diego, and Indiana University Bloomington as part of the Megathrust Modeling Framework (MTMOD) project. This collaborative effort seeks to integrate seismological, geodetic, experimental, and geological constraints for the Japan, New Zealand and Japan natural laboratories into numerical models to advance our understanding of megathrust earthquakes.

Forward models and a new numerical modeling framework for data assimilation will be developed to get closer to versatile tools for data-driven, physics-based hazard assessment. The focus is on the evolution of fault stress and strength over a range of spatio-temporal scales, quantifying uncertainties and sensitivity to parameters.

While graduate students will work with dedicated advisors at one of our partner institutions, MTMOD will support exchange between groups, and we intend to foster close collaborations between all team members. Another focus of our effort will be on training and sharing material for computational geoscience, based on collaboration with experts from the Jackson School of Geosciences and the Texas Advanced Computing Center. Project participants will work toward sustainable pathways for participation and work to enhance representation and inclusion in the geosciences by providing new entry pathways based on modeling and remote sensing to complement field-based approaches.

Visit the MTMOD website ( for more project details, potential advisers, contact information, and contact project lead Thorsten Becker (twb<at> with any other questions. Admission is for Fall 2022, with application deadlines around December 2021, depending on the host institution.

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