Thread: Graduate Opportunities in Crustal Deformation at the University of Kansas

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The Crustal Deformation group within the Department of Geology at the University of Kansas is seeking talented and motivated Ph.D. students. MS opportunities are also available. Spring or Fall 2022 start dates are possible. Funding is available for research assistantships in the areas of crustal deformation, earthquake geophysics, terrestrial geodesy, seafloor geodesy, and/or computational geophysics.

The research group is led by Dr. Noel M. Bartlow. Dr. Bartlow’s specific research interests include using both terrestrial and seafloor geodetic data to study slow slip and fault locking behavior in subduction zones. Dr. Bartlow has NSF funding for a seafloor geodesy project in the Pacific Northwest region which includes opportunities for students to participate in research cruises to deploy, service, and retrieve seafloor geodetic instruments. She is also part of the SZ4D (Subduction Zones in 4 Dimensions) initiative. To learn more about Dr. Bartlow’s research, please see her website at

Our group uses the University of Kansas Center for Research Computing, Students with strong backgrounds in math, physics, and computer programming are strongly encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates should email Dr. Bartlow at nbartlow<at><nbartlow<at>> with the subject line “Prospect Graduate Student”. Emails should include 1) A cover letter outlining your background, prior experience, research interests, and reasons for pursuing a graduate degree and 2) A current CV. Unofficial transcripts are also useful if available. Our application requirements and procedures can be found at The deadline for Spring 2022 admission is November 1, and the deadline for Fall 2022 admission is January 5.

Noel M. Bartlow (she/her)
Assistant Professor
Department of Geology
University of Kansas

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